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Detailed close up from abstract Oil painting - Old Landless by artsit Genevieve Leavold

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Immerse yourself in the flowing forms and delicate movement of these unique oil paintings.  British artist Genevieve Leavold celebrates the beauty of nature and believes the power of art to ignite your imagination. 


Her work offers a fresh perspective on abstract painting, echoes of plant forms can be seen in her work as she dances between the known and the unknown.  There is a precision and poetry to her brushwork which belies the deeper sense of freedom and spontaneity invoked by her paintings. 


These are artworks that appeal to those who take pleasure in the mysterious beauty of the world.  

online Exhibition

29th Jan - 28th Feb 2021 


A virtual exhibition of the new Release collection - 32 Paintings Inspired by individual stories, thoughts and ideas on the theme of Release -  created during the global experience of the covid 19 Pandemic.  


The painting’s in this series are an interpretation of the explosions of nature in unban spaces at the beginning of lockdown in Spring 2020.


The collection tells a story of the speed at which nature moves, we assume that because plants do not have movement in the traditional sense that they are static, but give them space and they will dance and spread with abandon. This reflects my thoughts on our inner nature and the idea that we have fixed personalities, I believe that given space we too can flourish with abandon. 

If your look closely at each painting, you will see the layers and glazes, you will also see that each on has an underlying structure which has been covered and reclaimed by subsequent marks. 

Where We Are Now - 20x25cm - Private Collection

Danse Macabre - Large Abstract oil painting by Genevieve Leavold

Danse Macabre-

Oil on canvas

92x132cm (3ft x 4ft)



Wild Delights

Oil on canvas

30 x 30cm 


Private Collection


Oil on canvas

80 x 80cm 



Large Abstract Oil Painting - Endless by Artist Genevieve Leavold
Abstract Oil Painting The Wild Ones by artist Genevieve Leavold
Abstract Oil Painting - The Wild Ones by Artist Genevieve Leavold
Abstract Oil Painting - The wild ones by artist Genevieve Leavold

The Wild Ones

Oil on canvas

30 x 30cm x3


Private Collection

explosive nature

Oil on canvas

132 x 92cm (4ft x 3ft) 

The Artist Support Pledge

A special collection of works starting at £45  being sold as part of an initiative created to help artists during the Covid crisis as galleries, fairs and art shows were cancelled. 


All the work in the collection is  £200 or less and is available for anyone to purchase - a portion of sales will be shared amongst other artists in who are taking part in the pledge. You can read more here

Art under £200

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Future Projects

If you are interested in Participation in the Patrons Exhibition 2021 -



You can join the waiting list to be notified.   


The project will be launching for participation soon and will cost £200 for a painting and catalogue of  the exhibition

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