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Abstract Paintings - bringing light and movement to your space. 

When I paint I work in layers, building depth and colour into the movement so that each painting has a new character as the light changes from day to night. Each brushstroke tells a story, as the spontaneous strokes are unplanned but an intuitive response to the layers and colours beneath, creating balance and harmony within the half-formed shapes. Echoes of plant forms, water and landscapes are present but slip and slide into something new.

I hope to take the viewer on a journey into another world, one that sits below the surface, a world of energetic exchange and flow. I feel that this can only be expressed in abstraction, removing the preconceived ideas and speaking in a language of colour and movement 


"You didn't come into this world,  you came out of it" - Alan Watts

My name is Genevieve Leavold and here in my paintings and drawings I am seeking to bring you to a place of connection and energetic exchange. 

I use abstraction to explore concepts of self, and our relationship to the natural world. Taking a meditative approach to my process the paintings are created by layering transparent glazes and opaque marks. There is a vital element of movement in this process: it's physical: using large brushes to lay out the composition of the work and moving with the brushstrokes.

I have always loved dance and this deeply informs my practice, I want to take you somewhere in these abstract forms, to a memory or a feeling that sits just out of sight. 

I do not work directly from any single source material but gather images and themes in my studio space to allow the shapes and colours to influence my visual language. 

 I have exhibited in the UK, Europe and USA and have paintings in private and corporate collections worldwide.

I invite you to view my available paintings in the gallery  or if you would like to keep in touch and hear about live exhibitions and new collections you can  join my mailing list 

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Wild Swimming -
(58x42" | 147 x 106cm) Oil on Canvas 2022

Own original artwork for your home

Entangled in Situ_edited.jpg


The Bold and the Beautiful 

The Way Back in Situ.jpg


under £800

Free Shipping Worldwide

One to Watch in 2022


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Abstract oil paintings that capture motion in nature, balancing spontaneous gesture and rhythmic forms with a refined palette.

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