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Abstract Paintings - bringing light and movement to your space. 

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A Collection of Paintings and Drawings inspired by endings and beginnings

When I paint I work in layers, building depth and colour into the movement so that each oil painting has a new character as the light changes from day to night. Each brushstroke tells a story, as the spontaneous strokes are unplanned but an intuitive response to the layers and colours beneath, creating balance and harmony within the half-formed shapes. Echoes of plant forms, water and landscapes are present but slip and slide into something new.

I hope to take the viewer on a journey into another world, one that sits below the surface, a world of energetic exchange and flow. I feel that this can only be expressed in abstraction, removing the preconceived ideas and speaking in a language of colour and movement 


"You didn't come into this world,  you came out of it" - Alan Watts

My name is Genevieve Leavold and here in my abstract paintings and drawings I am seeking to bring you to a place of connection and energetic exchange. 

I use abstraction to explore concepts of self, and our relationship to the natural world. Taking a meditative approach to my process the paintings are created by layering transparent glazes and opaque marks. There is a vital element of movement in this process: it's physical: using large brushes to lay out the composition of the work and moving with the brushstrokes.</