Genevieve leavold


Abstract Paintings Inspired
by Nature

Striking Artwork to Inspire and Transform

Discover another world as you immerse yourself in the flowing forms and delicate movement of these unique and powerful oil paintings. British artist Genevieve Leavold celebrates the beauty of the natural world and believes in the power of art to ignite the imagination.


Her work offers a fresh perspective on abstract painting, as she draws inspiration from nature, art historical movements, and eastern philosophy. Some of the themes she often explores in her work are the relationship between people and nature, and characteristics of the human condition.


Genevieve’s paintings are created by the layering of transparent glazes. Each brushstroke tells a story, as the spontaneous strokes are unplanned but an intuitive response to the layers and colours beneath, creating balance and harmony in the finished piece.


Her paintings have the power to completely transform any space. The textural and flowing brushwork often evokes feelings of serenity and tranquility and offers the viewer an escape from the stress of modern life. These stunning and impactful works act as a focal point and conversation starter for any room.  

Yielding Collection

We are delighted to introduce you to the artists newest collection - Yielding.  A Series of paintings exploring notions of strength and softness.  Inspired by forms of water, smoke and fire - this collection takes inspiration from the Taoist Philosophy - "The softest thing overcomes the hardest" Lao Tsu

The Painting take the form of Genevieve Leavold's 'strand' paintings, pieces where the forms flow across the canvas, the artist thinks of these as rivers or strands of DNA.  Connecting us to the world. 


Oil on canvas

100x100cm (39" square)

Private Collection


Oil on canvas

122x122cm (48" square)


After The Rain

Oil on canvas

50 x 50cm (19.5" square) 



While Away

Oil on canvas

72 x 72cm (28.3" square) 



Unique Oil Painting


Abstract Oil Painting The Wild Ones by artist Genevieve Leavold
Abstract Oil Painting - The Wild Ones by Artist Genevieve Leavold
Abstract Oil Painting - The wild ones by artist Genevieve Leavold

The Wild Ones

Oil on canvas

30 x 30cm x3


Private Collection

Wild at Heart

Oil on canvas

127 x 97cm (4ft x 3ft)


Abstract Paintings Inspired By Nature

Utopia - Oil on Canvas 
122x122cm (48" square) 

Behind the scenes at the studio - Artist Blog

The Blooms Collection 

Art under £500

Abstract Oil Painting

The artist's Blooms collection is influenced by her recent sell-out exhibition Release, which featured paintings inspired by stories of letting go.


When creating these works, Genevieve also took inspiration from folk art and the dutch flower paintings. Specifically the use of a dark background to accentuate the combination of soft and bright colours of her work.


The collection takes the viewer through seasons, as the palettes reflect the changing colours of flora through the year.


The artist created these Bloom paintings to celebrate the feeling of release. Holding tight and then letting go of whatever is weighing on you leading to feelings of renewal and growth.