An exhibition of Paintings inspired by your words

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Connected Patrons Project 2021

Connected is a project to create a series of 50 Paintings by artist Genevieve Leavold in response to words from other people.

The project is the final instalment of a series of exhibitions - each inspired by the words of others.

The first - Desire Paths. Spoke of stories about finding, following or perhaps losing a desire.

The second - Legacy - related to the things we leave behind or are left to us.

This final show asks questions about the meaning and need for Connection and how our understanding of this changed during the last 18 months in  the shared experience of the Covid19 Pandemic.

What does Connection mean to you?  Has it changed recently?  

Tell me your stories and I will make you a painting....

About the Project

The inspiration


Each year these projects have been a source of great inspiration to me and everyone involved. 

Each Project involved me creating original artworks inspired by stories or thoughts on a theme.


The experience of creating work using the words and stories of others gives depth and meaning to the pieces. 


In addition to this the process of creating a large number of paintings in the same series brings a unique quality to the paintings and improves my skills.


  I am always so grateful and moved by the unexpected delights these projects bring.  

What to Expect

It costs £200 to join and there are a limited number of places. 

Participants will receive:

  • A 30x30cm Original Oil Painting 

  • An invitation to the Exhibition in London (Also hosted virtually) 

  • A catalogue of all the paintings signed by the artist

  • A small artwrok (postcard from a stranger) 

  • My sincere gratitude.


It is an interactive project - each participant will be asked to share their thoughts on the question " What Does Connection Mean to You?"

When you join the project I will send you an introduction pack which will include a postcard sized piece of a painting and a stamped addressed envelope. 

The postcard from me with this question on it - Write your answer on the back, photograph it and email the picture to me. I will use your words to create a painting. 




I am then asking you to put your postcard in an envelope (provided by me) and send it to another patron. You should get one back in the post this is the 'Postcard From a stranger' which you will keep.


I'm going to use the words and images to make one big share artwork of all your connected words.   




All the paintings will be exhibited together before being sent out to the individual collectors - You will be invited to attend in person (Locate TBD) or virtually.



"I loved being a part of this and seeing how my story inspired the work of art.  I felt that it captured the emotions of my experience perfectly.  The painting is a beautiful reminder. "

- Caroline - Legacy Patron

We were so inspired by our first painting that we have been part of the whole series and we commissioned a larger painting from Genevieve as well.  

- M & D - Desire Paths Patrons

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" Thank you for my beautiful painting - keep doing what you are doing!"

-Helen- Desire Paths, Legacy & Release Patron

" Utterly love the painting and the RELEASE booklet. Thanks for making my day. I cant wait to hang it on my wall."

-Clive- Legacy & Release Patron

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Genevieve Leavold