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An exhibition of Paintings inspired by thoughts on Connection. 

All of the paintings in this collection are sold.  If you would like to commission a similar piece please contact the studio. 

The Connected Collection


"I loved being a part of this and seeing how my story inspired the work of art.  I felt that it captured the emotions of my experience perfectly.  The painting is a beautiful reminder. "

- Caroline - Legacy Patron

We were so inspired by our first painting that we have been part of the whole series and we commissioned a larger painting from Genevieve as well.  

- M & D - Desire Paths Patrons

" Thank you for my beautiful painting - keep doing what you are doing!"

-Helen- Desire Paths, Legacy & Release Patron

" Utterly love the painting and the RELEASE booklet. Thanks for making my day. I cant wait to hang it on my wall."

-Clive- Legacy & Release Patron

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