Desire Paths

An exhibition of Paintings December 2018

About the Exhibition

Paintings inspired By Stories About taking the Road Less Travelled

Desire Paths is the first in a series of exhibitions by artist Genevieve Leavold which took inspiration from the stories of others.  Each painting relates to a specific memory, story, thought or quote linked to the idea of taking a chance, following a whim, or indeed the paths not taken.  

The paintings were exhibited in London at the Fitzrovia Gallery in December 2018. 

The Paintings

Painted in oils, in the artists characteristic flowing brushwork, this collection marks a new era of works that flow across the space of the canvas.  They invoke the feeling of 

snippets of a journey.

These works were created as one body of work but the artist sought to examine the characteristics of each story, bringing a different energy to each piece.  

Each painting was inspired by an individual and an individuals story.  The desire Paths which intertwine throughout our lives.  

Life Begins
Dark Paths and Light
Conscious Creation
Hunting Mammoths
Always Learning
The Long Way Home
Rebel Heart
Time With Friends
Peace Through Movement
Come As You Are
Find Adventure In Our Hearts
Collaborative Creation
Where the Wild Things Are
Quiet Desires
Global Citizens
Paths Colliding
Grateful, Brave and Wise
Shared Pathways
Between the Mountains and the Sea
Nothing to Fear
Love, Light, Strength and Truth
Paths To Nowhere
You Found Me Here
Forgotten Longing
Staying Present
Wise Child
It's about Love
Renaissance Blooms
Be Kind To Yourself

Future Projects

If you are interested in Participation in the Patrons Exhibition 2021 -



You can join the waiting list to be notified.   


The project will be launching for participation soon and will cost £200 for a 30x30cm painting and catalogue of  the exhibition