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These pieces were selected from collections created over a 3 year period from March 2020 to March 2023.  

These 14 paintings and 8 drawings  were all created during endings or beginnings, times of upheaval, both personal and global.  


The paintings are all in oil paint on canvas with the exception of the 6 miniature ‘Figment’ paintings which are on wooden panels.

They are being exhibited in Frome until 29th April  and will be shipped when the exhibition closes.  

Ephemera Collection

This is a collection of paintings and drawings created over a three year period and across two different countries. 


When I curated this group of paintings I realised that they all somehow connected to endings and beginnings.  The theme of Ephemera came to me because I think we sometimes forget that each moment is quite precious and that there is beauty to be found in the mundane as well as the majestic.  

When I paint I do so from a place of curiosity, I seek to cultivate a kind of loving absorption in the work. To be excited about the possibilities.   My process involves layering which means that some brushstrokes exist only for me to see, only for a short time before they are permanently hidden or altered.  This doesn’t mean they’re not important, on the contrary, they have to be there for the next ones to come.   


To me this is the whole of human experience, our lives are momentary interactions which build into a sense of identity.  Some things get erased by other experiences, and the ones we chose to hold on to as memories also become changed by time.  I want to capture the beauty of being alive, the energy underneath it all and to bring this out in others.  


We are things which exist only for a short time. 

Available Paintings

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