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Flare Print framed and pictured on the wall above a sofa with a plant in the room

Limited Edition Giclee Prints

Printed on Archival Bamboo Paper

Available in three sizes

About the Artwork

For my first set of limited edition Giclee Prints I chose five of my favourite large scale paintings.  

Silk and Feather come from my Fugue State collection - These were all paintings connected to states of being and how memory shapes our sense of identity.  Silk is about the feeling of flow, an unblemished mind, free from a sense of identity or expectation.   Feather is about lightness and joy, the feeling of freedom that exists when we know ourselves enough to let go of other peoples expectations or ideals. 

Danse Macabre is from my Abandon collection - these paintings were created during lockdown 2020 - I became fascinated by the stories of nature taking back the streets and rivers as human activity slowed.  For me I walked daily in the city, and saw the wild poppies springing up everywhere.  The painting is about these contrasts, the joy of nature reclaiming space and the fear of loss of freedom and life. 

Ghost is from my Yeilding collection - these paintings were all about softness as strength.  Taking inspiration from the sutra - 'The softest thing overcomes the hardest' - Lao Tsu .  Ghost is about joy as an act of rebellion, about childlike exuberance and  connection to out innocent selves.

Flare is from my Illuminate collection - these are all paintings which explore light and moments of insight or clarity.  Flare is about bold moves, letting go and being your wild and precious self.  It's a celebration.

Choose Your Favourite

Each prints is available in A3, A2 or A1 size.  The Print runs for each size are limited to no more than 25 and are signed and numbered editions. 


If you want your print framed we offer a choice of black, white or oak finish with a white mount.  

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