Genevieve leavold

Joyful Expressions of Nonsense

Immerse yourself in the flowing forms and delicate movement of these unique oil paintings - Inspired by Zen philosophy and nature.

The Artist Support Pledge

A special collection of works being sold as part of an initiative created to help artists during the Covid crisis as galleries, fairs and art shows were cancelled. 


All the work in the collection is  £200 or less and is available for anyone to purchase - a portion of sales will be shared amongst other artists in who are taking part in the pledge. You can read more here



Big Wild Love - 100x100cm (Private Collection) 


Lulluby- Oil on canvas

60x60cm (Available)  

All  this has happened before - Oil on canvas  70x70cm (Available)

Where We Are Now - 20x25cm - Private Collection

Old Landless - Oil on canvas  50x50cm (Available)


Lulluby- Oil on canvas

60x60cm (Available)  

Where We Are Now - 20x25cm - Private Collection

Danse Macabre - 132 x 92 cm (52x36") -Available

Night Blooms- 132 x 92 cm (52x36") -Enquire

"I consider my paintings to be of life which exists just out of view, the energetic nature of the world, ever present but not quite known. My hope is that they can transport the viewer into a place of wonder " Genevieve Leavold

Whirling Dervish - 65x65cm 

Works on Paper

A new collection of works on paper inspired by dance and movement. 

Bringing you lightness and energy on the dullest day.  Genevieve's paintings seek to connect you to your energetic self. In the words of Max Erhman

"You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here"

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