What will your Legacy be? 

Legacy was an exhibition of paintings inspired by the words, thoughts, ideas, stories, ambitions and regrets expressed by real people.

Genevieve put the call out to art lovers to be part of the Legacy project and own an original painting inspired by their stories.  This is an exhibition of the results.

Genevieve says: “The idea for ‘Legacy’ was born from last year’s Desire Paths’ exhibition. If that was an expression of journeys to the ‘real’ seIf, I felt compelled to take the idea one stage further. I wanted to explore ideas on what we want, or what we are able, to leave behind; it’s fascinating to discover the friction between what people desire to be remembered for and what they think they will be remembered for.”

“Another idea that intrigued me was the possible domino effect of ‘legacy’; the thought of legacies bequeathed to us, that will influence our own. Again our choices on this, and how we express them are not always in our control. It strikes a chord with me – as a human being and artist – and I wanted to explore that in this new work.”

She adds: “This is the difficult second album for me! I’m slightly apprehensive but, as always, excited and moreover honoured by the intimacy offered by the words that people have shared with me.”

There will be an interactive element to the show where visitors will be invited to write their own idea of Legacy and take part in a collectively created artwork at the show and video installation sharing the Legacy stories will form part of the exhibition.

b.1980 Genevieve Leavold is a British Abstract painter.  Her paintings as characterised by sweeping organic forms inspired by the natural world.  She has exhibited widely in the UK, USA and in Belgrade where her studio is based.  Her work is held in Private and corporate collections worldwide.


Legacy was held on 11-13th October, at the Fitzrovia Gallery, London, (Tube Warren Street).


If you are interested in joining the 2020 Patrons event please use the button below to email and we will send you details once it is launched publicly.  


Responses from Desire Paths Patrons

"I just came back from my xmas break in mexico and found your painting. Thank you so much. It is beautiful and is very special since it was part of desire paths :)

Miguel. S

"I have no idea how but the painting captured perfectly the colour of my experience. Not only that but the experience of seeing the work with the others in the project was really powerful"


"I just love my painting, I look at it every day on my bedroom wall and it reminds me that I am strong and what is important to me" 


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