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An exhibition of Paintings September 2019

About the Exhibition

40 Paintings inspired by the theme Legacy

Legacy was shown in London at teh Fitzrovia gallery in September 2019

It is a collection of 40 Paintings create  by artist Genevieve Leavold in response to stories, words and thoughts on the theme of Legacy. 

The collection was presented together and a companion book of all the artworks accompanied the artworks. 

The Paintings

Painted in oils, in the artists characteristic flowing brushwork, this collection marks a new era of works that flow outward from  a central form - echoes of flowers and fireworks can be felt in this new series of paintings by Genevieve Leavold.

Each painting is build up in layers, the first layer see the removing of paint to create a skeleton, structured form which has texture to it.  The next is a glaze of colour to build depth, then a third layer of glazed colour is worked into with the rich palette of colours. 

Future Projects

Legacy | Genevieve Leavold

If you are interested in Participation in the Patrons Exhibition 2021 -



You can join the waiting list to be notified.   


The project will be launching for participation soon and will cost £200 for a 30x30cm painting and catalogue of  the exhibition

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