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Artwork in Focus - In Other Worlds

Oil on Canvas - 50x 50cm (19.6")


In Other Worlds is a painting from the Abandon Collection - Paintings inspired by the burgeoning Nature which sprang up during the first few months of the Covid 19 Pandemic in 2020.

As I have alway taken inspiration from nature and the wilderness, I was delighted by the resurgence of life (albeit briefly) when human activity slowed down.

Details - In Other Worlds


This piece was my initial response to the lockdown - A feeling of being unhinged and exhilarated at the same time - I am a deep believer in the importance and value of all life on the planet so I was drawn to thinking about how we impact the natural world.

Covid19 brought about an extremely rare event - Humans were forced to stay home, not to fly, not to go out driving as much. and I thought how that would look from another world, another perspective.

The movement in this piece relate to the clearing of space, of skies becoming less full of smoke from industry - but also just a clarity of vision, a deeper sense of our fragility and the Earth's resilience.

This painting, at its root is about change, the need to change how we are in the world. To take this crisis and use the wisdom received to move in different ways.

I will finish with a poem by my favourite poet - Rumi. He always has words to inspire and a lot of my work is connected in some way to the themes of his poetry - Life, unity, love and nature!

“Make your last journey from this strange world soar for the heights where there is no more separation of you and your home God has created your wings not to be dormant as long as you are alive you must try more and more to use your wings to show you’re alive.”


In Other Worlds is available to collectors direct from the studio or via SaatchiArt


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