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Artwork in Focus - Your Memory of Events 1&2

Your Memory of Events is Different to Mine - two paintings exploring the theme of memory and identity.

Abstract painting close up
Detail from Your Memory of Events 2


Your Memory of Events 1&2 are from the Fugue States collection - a series of paintings exploring memory and identity. I am endlessly fascinated by the notion of self and what makes us - us. Our sense of self is usually connected to our memory of our lives, the experiences that 'shaped' us into who we are.

The Fugue States collection takes its title from the (now defunct) psychological term for a temporary but total amnesia - often brought on by a traumatic event.

Now known as a dissociative fugue.

Dissociative fugue, formerly fugue state or psychogenic fugue, is a dissociative disorder and a rare psychiatric disorder characterized by reversible amnesia for personal identity, including the memories, personality, and other identifying characteristics of individuality. The state can last days, months or longer. - Wikipedia

Your Memory Of Events 1 & 2

Your Memory of events 1 & 2 on Display together in Belgrade June 2019

Two paired works. Painted Simultaneously.

I wanted the pieces to begin in the same way and then as I painted them individually for the composition and narrative of the paintings to diverge and become their own work.

The Story

The story behind these two paintings is two sisters that experience the same event differently.

My Sister and I, who are very close in age recently discovered that we share a memory, one which I am certain is mine and she is certain is hers.

My Sister and I aged 4 & 5yrs

It is a story about a minor injury at a park fete, over the years it was mainly forgotten but we both have small scars on our hands and we both remember it being from that injury - which is impossible

There is no real way for us to know which sister is correct and so we must accept that the truth will remain shrouded in mystery.

The Visual Language

The work speaks to the notion that memories are not true records of the past, and that each of our memories are subject to the effects of time.

The way we remember an event is affected by our experiences, emotions, and perceptions. As we grow and change our memories change with us. The complete title of the two paintings is Your Memory of Events is Different to Mine.

Drawing on visual inspiration from clouds, sunlight and nerve cells I built up the canvas in layers. using transparent glazes to give the painting depth and luminescence. The forms mimic tearing fabric or a cloud pulling apart. There is a sense of fragility but also strength depicted in the bold light forms that contrast with the dark background.

I love these paintings and would like them to provide hope and comfort in times of uncertainty. It acts as a reminder that life is constantly flowing and changing. Nothing remains constant.


If you are interested in purchasing these as a pair please contact the studio directly via the chat or email function -


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