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Artwork in Focus - The Golden Hour

Oil on Canvas - 50x 50cm (19.6")


The Golden Hour is a painting from the Satori Collection - Paintings Exploring fleeting moments of intense feeling - joy, inner peace, creativity and passion. Each Painting in this collection reflected the artists desire to celebrate and create moments of spontaneous humanity.

Close up of the whole painting

The Golden Hour relates to the hours just before Sunset and just after Sunrise - The Golden hours in which change is taking place but not complete. A time for reflection and renewal, to release the whispers of dreams or the actions of the day.

Detail from an Abstract Painting - The Golden Hour
Detail of the soft flowing forms in The Golden Hour

A fragile and fleeting time where the magic of the day or night is beginning.

The palette of this piece was chosen to reflect this type of daylight and the forms as soft and almost recognisable.

These soft forms are pierced by spikes of shifting colour, they increase the sense of evanescence in the painting, that intensity fades so we should live every moment fully.

Colour Pierces the Forms - A reminder that life is change.

This piece has the feeling of a garden, or a place of peaceful contemplation.

The viewer is invited on a journey into the canvas and through the multilayered forms.

The Golden hour is an invitation to pause and reflect on life's miracles, each day is a new day, and each night our bodies rest and repair.

The Golden Hour is Framed in a handmade Oak Frame


This colourful abstract painting would be perfect for a breakfast room or kitchen space. Somewhere you start and end the day.

Let this painting bring a point of gentle reflection into your space and daily routine.

All original artworks are shipped with a certificate of Authenticity and a note from the artist - carefully and lovingly packaged and shipped recorded delivery.

The Golden Hour is available Worldwide to collectors direct from the studio or via SaatchiArt


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