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Field Notes - Traces & Remnants

I am beginning a project to create 12 new paintings on the theme of traces.

On Saturday I woke up to my alarm at 3am to attend a lecture about our personal myths hosted by Michael Meade. Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated and connected to Mythology and this other world that existed in history that has since been codified into specific religions.

I am starting a new body of work this spring, a series which will take inspiration from my own connection to myths and fairy stories and also the ongoing exploration of our connection to the natural world. The way I work is intuitive so the paintings themselves with contain traces of my experiences and memories but I want to create some other things to accompany the final pieces - books and photographs and drawings.

Unlike other series this will be a whole project which I hope to exhibit at some point, here in Belgrade.


I collect dead flowers - (until they fall apart) or I move and they have to stay in their fragile state. I love the forms and the colours that they have and want to explore this muted, intensity.

This got me thinking about the traces that are left on us by our life experiences, in a previous series I took inspiration from the fragile nature of Memory, in this one I want to think about the ancestral traces. The place we go and the things we are drawn to, how we choose out paths.

Coming to Belgrade felt like such a spontaneous decision, I came here to visit my husband at work on a cold November weekend and fell in love. No one thing was responsible but there was a feeling, a compulsion to be here and when our life in the UK was in a state of flux, the stars seemed to have aligned. So we moved and then stayed and now 7 years on, I am returning to the UK. Returning with traces of Belgrade in my mind.


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