• Genevieve Leavold

My Artist Manifesto

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Artist Manifesto - written March 29th 2015

I hereby decree that I am taking a solemn oath to be an Artist. in this I agree to uphold the values and efforts listed below as long as I shall live on this planet…

1) An Artist must value curiosity as one of the highest virtues.

2) An Artist must remain aware of their almost complete lack of knowledge, on the grand scale of things…

3) An Artist must seek to make the world a better place both in the things that they bring forth in it and the way they treat others

4) An Artist should take time to examine the humble and the overlooked, for rather than the devil residing in these details great insights can be found.

5) An Artist agrees never to stop learning new things

6) An Artist must not deride, bully or harm others, we are here to seek out truths…