• Genevieve Leavold

Nature in the Morning

This last month or so I have been cycling to the swimming lake (Lake Ada) here in Belgrade to get some much needed exercise, listen to podcasts and then swim. August is HOT and my studio does not have air conditioning so the luxury of taking a dip in the lake in the mornings has become something of a ritual.

I have witnessed the hatching, growing and then leaving for deeper waters or some little catfish, seen dragonflies mating, been bitten by a fair few midges and today I saw tiny frogs!

A tiny Frog at Lake Ada

My cycling route to the lake takes me though a very active construction site, buildings growing up and earth being moved in the name of human progress, loud and dusty we shape the terrain to fit our desire for domination over the environment. Yet as the hills of excavated soil lie open to the elements it takes such a short amount of time for life to makes its bold green mark. Seeds and weeds and lizards and butterflies occupy the temporary landscapes within a few days, for a short time until the soil is moved again. It's so beautiful. The ephemeral and the eternal nature of life.

What could be sweeter than nature in the mornings?


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