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Field Notes - Drawings

Today 13th Feb 2020 - Drawings

I am going to start using my website as a journal to record my practice in the studio as much as I do in social media, currently most of my work is shared in Instagram but I want to create a blog project as a record. (N B you can still catch regular updates on Instagram @genevieveleavold)

Note - I am going to be using my phone to create these post’s they are designed to be immediate notes so my spelling and grammar will not be perfect - 🖤)

Exploring Friction

Today I was drawing in charcoal, This is something I’ve not done for a while but it was prompted by a conversation with another artist who’s process is similar to my own. We are both seeking to create from a place of spontaneous expression. The conversation started around the struggle to create something spontaneously from an idea without being explicit. Taking the form or the concept and trusting that you can express it with clarity but without a clumsy reference and without bringing in cleverness.

The conversation prompted me to think that perhaps the journey has to start with something explicit and the experience of working through it would bring you (me) to a place of pure spontaneous expression of the essential qualities of this thing. Whatever it is. To un-name the thing in a way and in doing so find it again.

Like the object above.

I am not sure if any of this makes sense but to me there’s a need to interrogate my own understanding of what makes a thing a thing to find the real beauty of it.

That tree, which became wood, can be a whole world.


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