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Field Notes - Starting a New Collection

Artist painting
Me at work on a large painting in the Studio

Project often creep up on me - An idea will emerge and then disappear as quickly as it came only to resurface again later.

There is a patience and trust like no other when it comes to creativity, you just can't force it. You can prepare for it and you can keep open to it but the nature of my work often involves a lot of patient cultivation of new series or collections.

This new series - As yet to be named - has been as complex as any so far - Though I know my language has developed sufficiently in my practice to be able to create in a way which reflects my desire - I am not good at pinning down the details.

This project has been sparked by the global lockdown - Here in Serbia we have a curfew and the streets are empty from about 4.30 onwards. I have noticed that the poppies and long grasses have remained untrimmed too.

The city is full of soft edges, silence and birdsong. Not long now before the swifts arrive. Every year I have said that it will be my last summer - The last swifts, the Last scent of Linden blossom but here I am again.


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