• Genevieve Leavold

Yielding Collection

Paintings exploring the idea of strength through softness

A New Collection for 2021

When an idea for a collection of works comes to mind, it is often born from something which has been floating around in my head for a while.

The yielding collection is no different - I have long held the feeling that the idea of strength as hardness, toughness, and solidness is wrong.

The Inspiration

When I started thinking about this idea of softness I was working working on the pieces for the Abandon Collection. The way nature quietly waits and then reclaims probably sparked it.

I remembered a story about water. The story does not have much of a punchline but it's about how water will eventually wear away a mountain. This lead me to the Taoist philosophy.

"The softest thing overcomes the hardest" - Lao Tsu

The Collection

Each painting in the collection has its own story, some come from my own history and s