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After the Rain - Oil on canvas 50x50cm

After the Rain - Oil on canvas 50x50cm

Painting: Oil on Canvas 50x50cm (19.5in square). Stretched and unframed. Will ship in a box, with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Hanging hardware not included. Edges are painted. Signed on the reverse of the canvas.


This is from the artists latest collection of paintings, called Connected. The series explores relationships between people and people’s connections to the universe. Inspired by Taoist philosophy the series explore’s movement and connection.


The piece is inspired by the light and reflections that can be observed after a summer storm. The artist wanted to capture the freshness and sense of renewal when the sunlight shines through parting storm clouds.  


Genevieve uses her signature style to create the piece. She layered glazes of transparent colour and spontaneous movement. Her gestural brushwork gives the work a feeling of glistening rain and clouds.


The piece evokes Taoist philosophy “This too shall pass.” The storm comes to an end revealing beauty, peace, and balance in the natural world. The work elicits feelings of renewal, and transparency that come after a rainstorm. Let this work convert your space and provide sensations of calm, tranquility, and clarity. Feelings and emotional tools that we need during these busy and chaotic times.


This piece can be hung unframed, but if you’d like to have it framed we recommend a simple oak tray frame. 

  • We accept returns to our UK address withing 14 days of delivery, the artwork must be returned in it's original packaging with all accompanying documentation for a full refund.  


  • Artworks are shipped recorded deliver from my studio in Serbia and I currently offer free shipping worldwide.  Please allow 10 days for shipping. 

    I will dispatch paintings within 5 days of your order.  If you want to recieve a piece sooner, please email the studio directly and I can see if it's possible to get expedited delivery.  

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