⚡️Hello beautiful Art Lovers⚡️ 

I give you Awakening  - Oil on canvas  (20x 25cm) £140

This is a painting inspired by the burgeoning nature that is happening as a result of human activity slowing down. 🖤
Thank you so much to everyone who has bought work already! and massive thanks to all the artists taking part and making work available to buy! 🧡
The premise as created by the brilliant #matthewburrowsstudio  is simple.   COVID-19 has seen galleries closed and exhibitions cancelled- In order the help artists to keep making the things you love Artists pledge to offer works for less than £200 and  anyone can buy it ! When the artists reach £1000 pledged I support another artist by buying work.  It is a beautiful thing,   
All artworks come carefully wrapped and will be shipped in a cardboard box with a thank you note 
Thank you! 

Awakening - Oil on canvas (20x25cm)


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