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Deliquescence | Oil Painting | 103 x 103 cm | 40"

Deliquescence | Oil Painting | 103 x 103 cm | 40"

Deliquescence - Oil on canvas 103x103cm / 40”.  Stretched. Unframed.  Can be hung without a frame.  This painting is signed by the artist on the reverse.  2021


This painting is from the artists latest collection - Illuminate.  These radiant paintings explore the theme of light, movement and transformation.  


Deiquescence is a form of melting, specific to soft body forms, this word connected with the artist as she explored the feelings of falling in love or losing yourself to feelings of the sublime.  Music and dance and the loss of self that comes with total absorption.  


Deliquescence is painted in layers, the first is the radiant rhythmic for which carries the softer forms across the space. 


This piece is a powerful and seductive painting and would bring a point of focus and energy to any space. 


It can be hung unframed but we recommend a simple tray frame in dark wood or gold if you want to add some extra glamour to the setting. 

  • We offer Interest Free Instalments on all paintings by arrangement.

    Payments can be broken into monthly instalments and the artwork will be delivered on receipt of the final payment.  Delivery is included in the price.  

    Please email to enquire about instalment options.

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