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Dryad | Oil Painting | 28 inch / 72cm x72cm

Dryad | Oil Painting | 28 inch / 72cm x72cm

Oil painting on fine weave Italian linen. 28x28 x1.5 inch / 72x72x3.8 cm. 2023


Gallery wrapped, painted edges.  (See detailed photographs) Signed on the reverse, ready to hang.  This painting can be hung unframed, if you want to frame it we recommend a contemporary wooden tray frame.  


About the Painting

Dryad is from the artist’s Translations collection - These are very direct intuitive paintings celebrating the beauty in everyday experiences.  The feeling of cool water on your skin, the unfurling of a leaf or flower or the sound of birdsong.  Each painting in this collection seeks to bring a sense of wonder to the viewer.  


Dryad takes its title from mythology, this oil painting and its companion piece Naiad are both connected to nymphs from Greek mythology.  This connects to the artist's family history as her mother was a religion and philosophy teacher so Genevieve Leavold grew up surrounded by stories and myths from all over the world.  The Naiad and Dryad are the embodiment of the spirit of the Water and Trees  respectively.  As a child she believed that these were real creatures that you could see in the movement of the leaves and spray from the water.  The words grew to represent the sounds and sense of being in nature, the vibrancy and mystery of it.  


Dryad has a warm energy of leaves rustling in the wind, the colours echo moss and bark and earth tones while the movement in the forms billows and sways across the canvas.


“In these paintings I wanted to capture this sense of aliveness that exists outside of our knowing self, it’s a felt response to the wonders of the natural world.”  


Your painting will be carefully wrapped and shipped via courier directly from the artist’s studio with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Delivery is handled by express courier usually DHL or UPS.  Please allow 3 days for dispatch and 1-2 days for delivery.  If you need your painting by a specific date please contact the studio directly. 



    All Customs and Duties are the responsibiity of the customer- Delivery does not include customs fees and import tax.

  • We offer a 14 day refund period for artworks returned to our UK address in the original packaging.  This is 14 days from the delivery to you.  

    If you wish to return a painting for a refund within the 14 day period please email the studio and we will arrange for the painting to be collected.  

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