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Fire within - Original Oil Painting

Fire within - Original Oil Painting

Oil on Canvas 30x40cm (12x16 inches) Stretched, unframed, painted edges - Signed on the reverse. Ready to hang. Shipped directly from the artist's studio with a certificate of Authenticity.

Fire Within is one of the last pieces from the Yeilding collection. Paintings inspired by the notion of softness as strength.

"The softest thing overs comes the hardest" Lao Tsu

You know those moments in life where you need a little courage or strength, not the huge things but the little moments of triumph that make each day a little better - when you find your fire within. This is a painting that celebrates those moments.

The cool cream forms which seem to emanate light, flow through the dark ground of the painting. Flashes of cooler colours enhance the dynamism of the painting.

The artist seeks to bring to life feelings of connection to a deeper inner sense of strength - one that is with you always.

This painting will be shipped directly from the artist studio - complete with a certificate of authenticity

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