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Gossamer | Large Oil Painting | 30x40 inch 76x101cm

Gossamer | Large Oil Painting | 30x40 inch 76x101cm


Original oil painting 76x101x3.8cm / 30" x40x1.5 inch | Oil on Linen | Stretched and ready to hang.  Unframed.  Signed on the reverse of the painting.  


This painting is from the artist's Translations collection - These paintings share themes of intangible or temporary experinces.  The forms are taken from flower blossom, the shapes of rivers and patterns of waves.  This is something which comes up again and again in the artists work as she examines our connection to each other and the natural world.  


This large oil painting - Gossamer is about how threads of memory and time, how we connect events in our minds and this shifts out perspectives.



The forms shift across the space weaving together, connecting and disconnecting like clouds in the sky. 


The palette is inspired by the way light changes thoughout the day and the sound of rain and all the things which are poignant and subtle" I am always trying to find the subtle energy of the world, to bring gentleness into harsh spaces" 


This painting will be carefully wrapped and shipped in a box  with a certificate of Authenticity from the artist's studio.  

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