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Light Divided Like Pearls - Abstract Oil Painting - 70 x 70 cm

Light Divided Like Pearls - Abstract Oil Painting - 70 x 70 cm

Painting: Oil on Canvas 70x70cm  (27.5” Square. Stretched canvas Unframed - Painted edges  shipped with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Hanging hardware not included. Signed on the reverse of the canvas.


This work is a part of the artist’s Abandon series and was created during spring of 2020 while in lockdown in Belgrade. During this time, Genevieve observed that the wildflowers and grasses were left untamed in the city, as human activity slowed to a halt. This brought a little wildness and wilderness into the urban areas.


Light Divided Like Pearls takes it’s name from the F.Scott Fitzgerald novel - The Beautiful and Damned.  A story about doomed love and the intensity of unbridled passion 


“The soft rush of taxis by him, and laughter, laughters hoarse as a crow's, incessant and loud, with the rumble of the subways underneath - and over all, the revolutions of light, the growings and recedings of light - light dividing like pearls - forming and reforming in glittering bars and circles and monstrous grotesque figures cut amazingly on the sky.”

This painting is about the complete absorption and abandon which comes when we are in love, the formless blending and and visceral nature of love.  Passion blind we fold ourselves into another's world - body and soul.  


Painted in the artists characteristic alla prima technique using layered glazes - the forms blend and shift, into and over one another in an endless rhythm of movement.  The viewer is invited into a place of abandon, to let go and become part of something else.  


Let this artwork take you out of yourself, and remind you what it is to be completely absorbed in love. 


Genevieve Leavold has exhibited through out the US, UK and Europe and has work in private and corporate collections worldwide.  She is based between her studios in London and Belgrade.  


Your painting will be carefully wrapped and shipped in a secure cardboard box with a certificate of Authenticity from the artist.

  • If you have a specific space in mind for a particular artwork you can send us an image of your wall with the rough dimensions and we will send you a picture with the artwork in place… 


    So that you can get a sense of how the piece will work for you. 

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