30 x 30cm (12” square) A celebration of rebellion, of being an outsider, eccentric, unconventional and strange.  Inspired by creature that live in the oceans . 

I’m always weaving many threads at once.  It’s important to remember that your strangeness should be celebrated. Thank you so much to everyone who has bought work already! and massive thanks to all the artists taking part and making work available to buy! 🧡•

The premise as created by the brilliant @matthewburrowsstudio  is simple.  Artists offer works for less than £200 and  anyone can buy it !! 🙌🤞 reach £1000 pledged I support another artist by buying work.  It is a beautiful thing, •Thank you. 💚 @artistsupportpledge  #matthewburrowsstudio #artistsupportartists .

Monster - Oil on canvas - 30x30cm


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