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Old Landless - Abstract Oil Painting 50 x 50cm

Old Landless - Abstract Oil Painting 50 x 50cm

Oil on Canvas - 50x50cm (19.6" square) Unframed (Please enquire via email if you would like your painting framed) 


Old Landless is part of the the Fugue States collection - created and exhibited in Belgrade and in Chicago in 2019.  This collection explores identity and memory - each piece is linked to the artists own journey. 


Old Landless is inspired by a riddle from the artists childhood -  the title comes from how she remembered the lyrics.


White bird featherless Flew from Paradise, Perched upon the castle wall; Up came Old landless, Took it up handless, And rode away horseless to the King's white hall.


The artist has a passion for riddles and poetry. 


Your painting will be carefully packaged and shipped recoreded delivery with a Certificate of Authenticity direct from the studio.

  • We offer a 14 day return policy  for artworks purchased directly from the studio.  Please ensure that all original packaging is kept for the return shipment. 

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