Out of the Ordinary

​Oil on Canvas 100 x 100cm 

This beautiful, bold statement piece is a celebration of the human imagination. Our human ability - to see the universe in a grain of sand. Drawing from forms found in nature, the artist uses an intuitive approach to painting, allowing the image to develop as the layers and colours blend and merge. In this way the painting grows.

Out of the Ordinary is painted in high pigment artist oil colours painted onto a hand stretched medium weave canvas. The surface has a light texture to it but the paint is not impasto it is generally smooth. See close up images for surface detail.

This is the perfect piece for you if you are seeking to bring light, color and something a little out of the ordinary into your life!

The piece is unframed and the edges, though painted are more suited to framing. The recommended installation would be a simple tray from in natural wood to complement the colours of the piece. No Hanging hardware is included with the painting.

Genevieve Leavold is an internationally exhibited artist with works in collections worldwide.

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