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Over and Over - Oil painting

Over and Over - Oil painting

Over and Over - Oil Painting - 40x40cm (16" square) Unframed.  Painted edges, signed on the reverse of the canvas.  No hanging hardware included.


This is a painting from the Genevieve Leavold's Yielding collection - Paintings exploring the idea of softness as strength - Taking inspiration from the Taoist Philosophy "The softest thing can overcome the hardest" Lao Tsu


These paintings take forms from smoke, fire, water and air -  and have the artists characteristing gestural brushwork. 


Over and Over takes inspiration from the cyclical nature of life and the forms of water flowing in a stream of waterfall.  You will never stand in the same river twice.  Inspired by the notion that change is the only constant in life and though we resist and sometimes fear change - it can be a beautiful thing.   The movement of this painting is soft and flowing but here is a tension between the forms, as some reach upwards, others tumble down, giving the painting a dynamic feeling. 


The painting is built up in layers of transparent glazes which are painted into whilst wet with opaque colour, this technique gives softness to the forms.  If you look at the detail images you will notice that the transparency gives depth to the piece.  This enhances the sense of movement as the forms blend and interlace. 


This painting will be carefully wrapped and shipped in a cardboard box with a certificate of Authenticity from the artist’s studio.







  • Artworks are shipped recorded deliver from my studio in Serbia and I currently offer free shipping worldwide.  Please allow 10 days for shipping. 

    I will dispatch paintings within 5 days of your order.  If you want to recieve a piece sooner, please email the studio directly and I can see if it's possible to get expedited delivery.  

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