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Oyster - Abstract oil painting 50 x 50cm

Oyster - Abstract oil painting 50 x 50cm

Oil on canvas - 50 x 50cm (19.6” square) stretched and unframed


Hanging hardware not included. Edges are painted. Signed on the reverse of the canvas.


This oil painting is part of the Fugue States collection which explores questions about identity and memory. This collection was exhibited in Belgrade in 2019. 


Oyster was inspired by a childhood memory of a family walk in Autumn. It recalls memories of kicking through leaves in the sunshine and scanning the ground for horse chestnut shells. If we were lucky, we’d find whole shells which we treasured. It celebrates the beauty of nature, even in the smallest elements. 


This piece was created through layering transparent glazes. Each layer covers the surface of the piece and is painted while the others are still wet. The final forms, inspired by the shapes of the chestnut shells, emerge through spontaneous strokes. They’re unplanned but an intuitive response to the layers and colours beneath.


The rich layers of colour and texture give this painting a feeling of freedom and movement. Let this piece transform any space into a calm and tranquil retreat. Let it take you back to simpler times.


This piece can be hung unframed, but if you’d like to have it framed we recommend a simple oak tray frame. 

  • We offer Interest Free Instalments on all paintings over £500 ( payments can be broken into 3-4 instalments and the artwork will be delivered on receipt of the final payment.  Delivery is included in the price.  

    Please email to enquire about instalment options.

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