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Silk | Large Oil Painting | 96 x 126cm (38x48cm)

Silk | Large Oil Painting | 96 x 126cm (38x48cm)

Oil on Canvas (96x125cm) 38x49cm Stretched, Unframed. Can be hung without a frame. Signed on the reverse of the canvas.

Silk is part of the Fugue States Collection - Paintings exploring the connection between our sense of identity and how memory shapes it. All the paintings in this series have a rich deep palette of coppery tones and teals.

This painting is about the sense of fluidity that our identity really has, that it shifts as we grow and as we live our lives. The title comes from the idea of threads of silk weaving together to build this flowing form that our life and sense of place within it.

The forms and colours take inspiration from nature, particularly the colours of moths and the undergrowth. This painting has subtle energy and a calm presence. It would work in a bedroom or quiet space for reflection.

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