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Utopia  | Oil Painting | 120x120cm | 48"

Utopia | Oil Painting | 120x120cm | 48"

Oil Painting - (122x122cm /48” square) 2021 Signed on the reverse. Unframed.


Shipped rolled, (no hanging hardware included) From the artists Yielding collection - paintings inspired but the Taoist phrase “The softest thing overcomes the hardest” Lao Tsu These paintings examine softness as strength. Playing with forms inspired by water, fire and smoke.


The works are all connected to Genevieve Leavold’s love of natural forms.


Utopia is a pared back palette, striking and elegant. The piece takes inspiration from the idea that we are seeking perfection outside when all we need to find Utopia is already within us and on this planet.


This painting will be shipped rolled and will need to be stretched on a frame for hanging. All works are sent with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. If you have any questions please get in touch.

  • We accept returns to our UK address withing 14 days of delivery, the artwork must be returned in it's original packaging with all accompanying documentation for a full refund.  


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