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Painting by artist Genevieve Leavold


33 Paintings inspired by the theme Release

Release is a sold out collection of 33 Paintings created by artist Genevieve Leavold in response to words from other people.

The theme Release was connected to the experience of the multiple lockdowns held during 2020.   People became acutely aware of a sense of confinement and it felt right to make work about this.  

The stories and words for the paintings are all featured in an accompanying book which you can view at the bottom of the page. 

The Paintings

Painted in oils, in the artists characteristic flowing brushwork, this collection marks a new era of works that flow outward from  a central form - echoes of flowers and fireworks can be felt in this new series of paintings by Genevieve Leavold.

Each painting is build up in layers, the first layer see the removing of paint to create a skeleton, structured form which has texture to it.  The next is a glaze of colour to build depth, then a third layer of glazed colour is worked into with the rich palette of colours. 

All the Paintings in this collection are sold 

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