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Translations -  Interpretations of life in paint

This collection of paintings created over a period of 6 months in 2022/23 takes its theme and inspiration from my return to the UK and my home town of Frome.  Each painting connects to an experience or a memory reinterpreted from a new perspective.  


There is a poignancy and strangeness to returning to a place after many years, a sense that things are the same but not, that you are the same but not and the conflict which arises brings with it a sense of discombobulation, an otherness.  


I wanted to share this in the paintings by allowing the pieces to grow very organically as I paint, taking lead for the title from the words and memories that pop into my head.  


If you have fallen in love with a painting which has already sold I can create a painting in the same style, palette and size as a commissioned piece., please contact the studio via the commissions page for more information on this exciting process

Smaller Paintings

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