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Cascade - Oil on Canvas

Cascade - Oil on Canvas

Painting - Oil on canvas 40x40cm ( 16") Square - Unframed. Painted Edges.  Signed on the reverse.  Can be hung unframed.


Cascade is from the artists Yeilding Collection - Paintings examining notions of Strength and softness.  Taking inspiration from Taoist wisdom - "The softest thing can overcome the hardest" Lao Tsu


Each painting in this collection looks at soft forms, water, smoke, fire.


Cascade is almost the feeling of molten lava as it hits the sea, the creation of land from this soft hot rock.  It invokes feelings of intensity, creative endeavour and the experience of a 'flow-state'


Painted  in Genevieve Leavold's characteristic 'alla-prima' wet into wet technique - Caascade has an intesity which comes from the immediacy and directness of the brushwork.  The high contrast of the colours against the soft flowing forms brings a continual sense of movement and renewal into this painting. 


This painting will be shipped carefully wrapped in a cardboard box with a signed certificate of Authenticity from the Artist.  

  • If you have fallen in love with a particular painting but is has already sold - you can commission a similar piece.  Please see the Commissions page for details

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