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About The Artist

" I have always loved the way nature -  plants and creatures find a way into the cracks and crevices of man-made structures - These unplanned expressions of wilderness have always felt like important reminders that no matter how much we seek to remove ourselves from nature it is impossible - without nature we are nothing and  the denial of nature is the denial of life." 


Genevieve Leavold


Influences and inspiration

Why do I make paintngs?

born.1980. Somerset UK. 

I believe that we are all connected, I believe that plants and animals are equal to humans and I believe that we are killing ourselves and our planet through an obsession with otherness.   In my paintings I am investigating my own spontaneous response to questions about who we are, and what it mean to be alive.  I work in series, each theme is connected to these questions. 


My beliefs are expressed in my work through the process of creation and the choice of movement, the pieces are painted in a very direct way, with little planning but the language and gesture I use are all soft,  Within the movement, I explore different vibrations and patterning, similar to the way that plants grow.

My paintings are driven by and express a sense of Abandon, but it's contained in the space, and in my own movements.  There's rhythm in nature, so the unplanned gestures unconsciously conform to this rhythmic flow. 


Throughout the process of creation I was thinking a lot about value, what we value and how confined we are by the values of modern capitalism - the things we take for granted and how little time we spend in a place of pure abandon, joy or freedom. 


This direction was inspired by a need to reconcile myself with a feeling of confinement and also a joy at the simplicity this produced - The place that I found was Wu Wei - a place of effortless action

Paintings And Drawings

Her process develops through deep observation of nature and subsequent abstraction of essential qualities of form and colour from the worn, overgrown and overlooked parts of her city to create intuitive, direct paintings and drawings.

Genevieve Leavold draws on her love of organic forms found in nature and love of eastern philosophy as inspiration for her work.  She is particularly drawn to Lichen, mosses and Fungi, marine plant, microbiological and mycological shapes and colours. 


Solo Exhibitions


Release - Virtual Exhibition


Legacy - Fitrovia Gallery, London, UK

FUGUE STATES - Magacin Kultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia


Desire Paths - Fitzrovia Gallery, London, UK

If Not Now - Center 424, Belgrade, Serbia

Glimpses – Center 424, Belgrade, Serbia
30 days – Walthamstow Arts Festival
Parklife - Walthamstow Arts Festival
Joy - Easton ARTS, Bristol

Commissions and collections

Genevieve Leavold has completed commissions for private individuals.  Her paintings are held in corporate and private collections worldwide.

Memberships and affiliations

Group Exhibitions


The Other Art Fair - Virtual Editions 



Kite Circus - Sidney and Matilda Gallery, Sheffield. 



Free From Form - Polet, Belgrade, Serbia

The Other Art Fair - Mana Contemporary, Chicago, USA

Observations of a Dog - Safehouse I&II, London, UK


From ArtCan with Love - London UK

New Artist Fair - London UK


Clio Art Fair - Chelsea, New York

TRIBE17 - Oxo Bargehouse, London

The Other Art Fair - Old Truman Brewery, London

At this Point in Time – The Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh

The Tunnel – Waterstones Gallery, London WCIN


WITP-  Strand Gallery, London

The Waste Land – Asylum Chapel, London

Elles In Rogue: XX Protagonists, Artworks Elephant.

Drawing: 5 Answers, Center 424, Belgrade, Serbia


BANG! - 100years Gallery, Hoxton, London.

Metamorphosis – Bow Arts, London

The Outsider - 5th Base Gallery, London, E1

2009- 2014

Selected Works – Cultivate Vyner Street

RE:UP – Cultivate Gallery Vyner Street, London E2

Zeitgiest Open – ZAP Arts, Goodwood Road, London

Deep Purple - Group Show at Cultivate

Montpelier Art Fringe, Bristol

Montpelier Art Fringe, Bristol

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