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Punch drunk oil painting in situ nxt to a gold chair and table

Punch Drunk | Large Oil Painting

40x40inch /101x101cm Oil on Linen. 2023. Signed on the reverse. This painting is unframed with painted, wrapped edges.  It is ready to hang unframed or if you wish to frame it we recommend a contemporary tray frame with a shadow gap.  Shipped directly from the artist's studio with a certificate of authenticity. 


Punch Drunk is from the artist's Translations series. This piece was exhibited in the artists notable solo show Ephemera earlier this year.  Punch Drunk is a bold, shimmering painting, the forms roll and weave together in a confused harmony.  


The title stems from the fact that this piece was created during a period of intense creativity when the artist felt that the work was flowing and the act of painting produces this dazed euphoria. 

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