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Dreamer | Oil Painting | 65 x100cm

Dreamer | Oil Painting | 65 x100cm

Dreamer - 65 x 100cm Oil on Canvas 2021 Stretched, Unframed. Signed on the reverse. Shipped in a cardboard box.

The final piece from the Yielding Collection - Artworks inspired by the concept of softness as strength. The pieces all have forms taken from water, clouds and other soft bodies.

“The softest thing overcomes the hardest” - Lao Tsu

Dreamer is a painting which takes all the themes into one. We are all dreamers and this painting celebrates the power of dreams to shape our lives.

The forms loop and wind into each other, sensual and silently weaving across the canvas. Taking inspiration from cloudforms, this painting is about allowing uncertainty to be present in our lives without the need to control.

Painted in the artist’s characteristic flowing style, layers of glazes give depth to the painting. In the detail images you can see the forms interacting with the layer beneath.

This painting would be a great addition to a transitional space, a hallway or parlour where you can create a place to reflect as you enter or leave a space.

Dreamer will be shipped directly from the artist's studio, carefully wrapped, with a certificate of Authenticity included.


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