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Swimming | Large Oil Painting | 42x58inch

Swimming | Large Oil Painting | 42x58inch

Swimming - 58x42 inch / 147x106cm | Oil on Italian Linen | Signed on the reverse | Stretched canvas, gallery wrapped painted edges (see images for details)  Carefully wrapped and shipped directly from the artists studio. Can be hung unframed. 


This painting is from the artist's Translation series - paintings inspired by moments in everyday life abstracted into colour and form.


Swimming is the artist's interpretation of the experience of swimming in cold water on an october morning as the sun hits the surface of the water and simultaneously illuminates the gold leaves of the surrounding trees.


It’s the experience of the whole of your body feeling the water flowing around you as you move. It’s exhilarating, refreshing and somehow peaceful.This painting is created in layers of transparent glazes that are built up to give the painting depth and movement.


Opaque forms flow in and out of each other in an endless shifting landscape of colour. The deep blues and greens give this painting a slightly otherworldly feel, a deep lagoon in the sunshine.This painting is shipped directly from the artist's studio with a certificate of Authenticity.

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