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Conversations in the Dark | Oil Painting | 70x70cm | 27.5"

Conversations in the Dark | Oil Painting | 70x70cm | 27.5"

Conversations in the dark – oil on canvas, 2021 (70 x 70 cm / 27.5" square) stretched/unframed. Ready to Hang - this painting can be hung without a frame.

This is the first painting in Genevieve Leavold new series of works–
'Traces and Remnants.'

There are some things that we share more readily in the dark. The artist wanted to explore this idea, inspired by a person she once knew. She was drawn to twilight and how the night has its own magic.

"I wanted to capture a sense of liberty and mystery when the lights are low. This piece is an intimate painting about shared moments and softly spoken words."

The marks are very delicately and quickly painted; Genevieve chose to keep the movement simple and allow the layers to show through in this painting. The viewer gets a glimpse of the depth through the layers of brushwork where forms meet and intertwine to become something new.

Conversations in The Dark will be shipped directly from the artist's studio with a certificate of Authenticity.

  • We offer Interest Free Instalments on all paintings by arrangement.

    Payments can be broken into monthly instalments and the artwork will be delivered on receipt of the final payment.  Delivery is included in the price.  

    Please email to enquire about instalment options.

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