OIl on Canvas - 50x50cm (19" square)


Kingfisher is Part of the Artists Abandon Series - Spanning 2 years looking at abstractions of Nature in an urban environment and in particular the burgeoning nature that sprang up in cities during lockdown.


This piece is a celebration of wildness, taking reference to the dynamic dive of a kingfisher into water.


The Artist uses her characteristic layered technique in combination with a high contrast palette to bring a sense of precise energy to this piece.Please see all the photos to get a good idea of the fine quality of the brushwork in this painting.


Painted using high pigment oil paints this is a vibrant and attractive piece. The canvas is stretched and ready to hang.This painting will be shipped flat in a cardboard box with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.


Installments are available for this piece please Email the studio to enquire



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