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Phoenix | Large Oil Painting | 95x125cm

Phoenix | Large Oil Painting | 95x125cm


Painting: Oil on Canvas 125 x 95cm 

Stretched - Unframed. Can be hung unframed. Shipped with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Hanging hardware not included. Edges are painted. Signed on the reverse of the canvas.

This work is a part of the artist’s Abandon series and was created during spring of 2020 while in lockdown in Belgrade. During this time, Genevieve observed that the wildflowers and grasses were left untamed in the city, as human activity slowed to a halt. This brought a little wildness and wilderness into the urban areas.

The artist took inspiration from the story of the Phoenix from ancient Greek mythology which rises from the ashes of the fire that had engulfed it and is reborn. The story symbolizes no matter how many times we are knocked down we can come back renewed.

Painted in Genevieve’s signature style of layering transparent glazes, the brushwork is loose and spontaneous. Each layer covers the surface of the piece and is painted while the others are still wet. The final forms, that convey the power, fire, and vitality of the phoenix, emerge through intuitive and gestural brushstrokes.

The range of bold orange and red colours contrast with the dark background and the artist's technique of layering colour gives the piece luminous quality. The work is a celebration of resilience and beauty.

Let this work light a fire in your life and inspire you. The colours and confident brushstrokes evoke feelings of passion and intensity. This bold, large piece will make a sure statement in any room and be a compelling and powerful focal point.

This piece can be hung unframed, but if you’d like to have it framed we recommend a simple oak tray frame.

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