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SHIMMER II | oil painting | 76x101cm

SHIMMER II | oil painting | 76x101cm

Oil on canvas 30x40inch (76x101cm) stretched / gallery wrapped, painted edges, unframed can be hung unframed. Signed on the reverse.

Shimmer I and Shimmer II are from the artist's Illuminate Collection. Paintings are inspired by movement and light reflections. As with all of Genevieve Leavold's artwork, there is a philosophical aspect to the collection. Illuminate seeks to connect the viewer to moments of insight or understanding, those intuitive flashes where a deeper truth is revealed.

In Shimmer I and II the questions are about illisions of form, and illusions of permanence. The rolling blue-grey forms are reminiscent of water flowing over stones, or a timelapse of something growing. There is a real sense of movement which invites the viewer to keep looking.

This painting will be shipped directly from the artist's studio with a certificate of Authenticity.

Genevieve Leavold has exhibited widely throughout the UK and US and has paintings in collections worldwide.

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