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Where the Light Gets In

Where the Light Gets In

Where the Light Gets in - 40x40cm (16" square) Unframed.  Painted edges, signed on the reverse of the canvas.  No hanging hardware included.


This is a painting from the Genevieve Leavold's Yielding collection - Paintings exploring the idea of softness as strength - Taking inspiration from the Taoist Philosophy "The softest thing can overcome the hardest" Lao Tsu


These paintings take forms from smoke, fire, water and air -  and have the artists characteristing gestural brushwork. 


Where the Light gets In is inspired by the Rumi quote “ The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”    The artist took her own misremembering of this quote for the title because part of her process is allowing the titles to come to mind as she paints and drawing energy from the words. 


This idea of self discovery and growth from painful experience is close to the artist’s heart as she experienced trauma in early life and a long period of recovery.  The need for introspective healing became a part of her work.  The forms here are fragmented but there is a sense that they are pulling together, weaving something beautiful from the broken parts.  


Another inspiration behind this is the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi - mending broken pots with gold, celebrating the new forms and honoring the past experiences of the vessel. 


This fits with the experience we are all having at the moment - a need to heal the broken parts of life and the world.  To find a way to honour our experiences without letting them destroy us completely and to allow the light in and seal the woulds with gold. 


This painting will be carefully wrapped and shipped in a cardboard box with a certificate of Authenticity from the Artist Studio.

  • Artworks are shipped recorded deliver from my studio in Serbia and I currently offer free shipping worldwide.  Please allow 10 days for shipping. 

    I will dispatch paintings within 5 days of your order.  If you want to recieve a piece sooner, please email the studio directly and I can see if it's possible to get expedited delivery.  

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